Reviewing and Previewing the World of Film

Preview: Drive

Intense. That’s the only way to describe the new trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s new film “Drive.” This film is based off the 2006 murder mystery novel of the same name by Jame’s Salis. The novel, and subsequently the script, revolves around the nameless character of Driver, played by Ryan Gosling. Coming from a troubled family and drifting most of his life, he eventually lands a job in Hollywood as a stunt driver. He quickly becomes a hot commodity among the Hollywood crews as he performs stunts thought impossible among other drivers. His talents, unfortunately, are not only being sought after by Hollywood, but by criminals as well. Driver is very careful to not join in on the crime, or carry a weapon–he drives plain and simple. For a while, Driver’s moonlight activities go on without any repercussions until one day a job goes out of control. To protect himself and the one he loves he must go on the offensive. The movie hits theaters September 16, and hopefully it will provide us with all the thrills we need. And as always I hope it gets the attention it deserves.


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