Reviewing and Previewing the World of Film

Preview: Premium Rush

Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to show up in every movie these days, and to be honest I have not been disappointed with any of them lately. He has a very interesting repertoire of characters, from his punk rock angel in “Hesher” to his calm cool and calculating Arthur in “Inception.” “Premium Rush” offers another interesting character to Levitt’s already huge catalog: Wilee a New York be messenger who is pulled into a devious plot involving a corrupt cop (Michael Shannon). The trailer features an impressive set of bike tricks that quite frankly amazed me. In one scene he bikes under a flat bed truck by holding his weight all on one side of the bike, literally levitating just inches off the ground. The story may seem a literal cliche, but the setting and the topic of bike messengers will add a fresh look to the contrived corrupt authority figure genre.


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