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Preview: Norman

Over the years we have seen multiple teen dramas about various subject matter, kids getting bullied, troubled family life, love stories, but “Norman” gives something that many try for yet never reach, reality. The story is focused on Norman (Dan Byrd), who has a mother who just died, and father who is dying of stomach cancer. Norman although is a little different in his approach, like some teens he subconsciously strives to be different. He starts to mimic his fathers changes due to the cancer. He shaves his head in response to his fathers chemo, just so he can experience his father’s pain. Norman isn’t suicidal, although he claims to be self-injurious, just confused and searching for the answers to his own pain in his own unique way. And in all this hardship he finds love with a girl and his school, but the best moment can come at the worst of times. This movie is sure to be an emotional roller coaster, and is worth checking out. The movie  also features a soundtrack by Andrew Bird.